NYC In Perspective

BuzzFeedhas gathered some fascinating facts about NYC in this video.

New York City Vs. Everywhere Else


Samuel and Audrey have a food and travel channel on YouTube.  In the summer of 2014 they took a trip to New York and made this cool video as a mini sightseeing guide while they were here.

50 THINGS TO DO IN NEW YORK CITY | Top Attractions Travel Guide

U2 Surprise Performance at Grand Central with Jimmy Fallon

Unfortunately the rest of the performance was cut short because our hero video snabber ran out of memory on her recording device.  Many thanks to Donna Massari for capturing this impromptu performance set up by Jimmy Fallon for his show.

New York Fashion Week Exclusive!

Ever wanted to know what a day in the life of fabulous Cosmopolitan Magazine fashion market director Shiona Turini during New York's Fashion Week is like?  Well here you go.  New York Magazine follows her on the last day of Fashion Week documenting her personal style inspirations and excitement for the fashion business through her very busy day.  She is all smiles to the end.